How To Get Rid Of A Pimple Fast And Overnight | The Top 7 Ways

How To Get Rid Of A Pimple Fast And Overnight | The Top 7 Ways

7 Ways to Remove That Pesky Pimple Fast and Overnight

Imagine this: It’s the night of a big event. You have the perfect clothes, the perfect hair and the perfect date. But then you look in the mirror and your worst nightmare has come true… You have a pimple.

It’s big, it’s red, it’s oily, and it’s impossible to hide.

At first, you might think that your pimple is a total disaster. Pimples are scary, yes. They’re a hassle, they’re unpredictable and no one likes them. But have no fear… This article is going to teach you how to get rid of a pimple fast.

Try the techniques outlined below, and you’ll be pimple free before you know it!


#1 Get Rid Of Pimples With Tea Tree Oil

how to get rid of a pimple fast tea tree oil

If you want to know how to cure pimples, start by trying out some tea tree oil. This all-natural oil is famous for it’s pimple-fighting properties, and you can purchase it at any local drug store or pharmacy. Just clean your face with soap and water, dip some oil onto a cotton ball, and dab the evil-pimple with the oil. Wait just about twenty minutes (long enough for the oil to do its job), wash your face, and go about your day. Tea tree oil reduces inflammation and redness, and it works wonders on even the most stubborn pimples.


#2 Lemon


If you want to know how to get rid of pimples on face, lemon might just be the secret that you’ve been searching for. All you have to do is combine lemon juice with a soothing agent (like cucumber water, for example), and dab the mixture onto that pesky pimple. The citric acid from the lemon will dry the pimple out, while the cucumber water will rejuvenate nearby skin, creating the perfect cure for any pimple.


#3 Eat Your Vegetables!


Sometimes we can get so caught up trying to figure out how to cure pimples, that we overlook the simplest solutions. Yes, there are cures like lemon juice and tea tree oil, but often you can make the biggest impact on the health of your skin through what you eat. We all love pizza, but it’s terrible for our skin! So next time you’re about to scarf down a slice, grab a stalk of broccoli instead. Your skin will thank you.


#4 Do the Laundry!


Body pimples are the worst. They’re uncomfortable, they pop up at the most random times, and a lot of people don’t know what causes them. But this article is going to change all that! Ready? Drum roll please… One of the biggest reasons for body pimples is dirty sheets and pillowcases. That’s right! Your bedclothes store up all the oil and grease and dirt you sweat out during the night. That dirt then festers on your skin and causes all sorts of annoying blemishes! So break out your detergent and do a load of laundry, and your body acne just might disappear!


#5 Baking Soda


Baking soda is a great solution if you want to know how to get rid of a pimple fast. It’s cheap, you can get it in any grocery store, and best of all… It works! Just mix equal parts baking soda and water until it forms a thick paste. Rub that paste on your skin, leave it there for thirty minutes and then wash it all off with water. Yes, that’s a little bit of a hassle. That’s why pimples are no fun. But give this baking soda paste a try, and there’s a good chance that your pimple will be gone in just one or two days!


#6 Pop Your Pimple

pimple on face

Although it’s one of the more controversial remedies for acne, popping your pimple can get rid of it. No doctor is going to recommend popping a pimple, but sometimes you just need the instant satisfaction of shrinking a giant whitehead by squeezing it until it pops. Pimples can be painful as well as unsightly, and sometimes popping also feels like it relieves some of the pressure that acne creates. But pimple-popping can also be bad for your skin, creating scabs, spreading bacteria, and creating long-term scarring. That’s why, if you have the irresistible urge to burst your zit, you should do it the right way. Never use your fingernails, make sure your hands and skin are clean, and press down with the pads of your fingers on either side of the offending mark. Also, if you have a bad habit of popping, there are cosmetic implements for purchase that make eliminating zits more efficient and clean.


#7 Use Ice

ice cubes

Another effective method is a very simple home remedy: ice. Ice has a number of benefits including shrinking pores, reducing redness, and, with long-term use, making your skin firmer and smoother. Although applying ice directly to your face for extended periods can cause irritation, a lightly wrapped ice cube can be used to massage all over your skin or to simply hold in place over the affected area. Also, if you do want to put the ice on your face, you can infuse your cubes with something like green tea, rosewater, or lemon juice to add some extra skin-friendly antioxidants. Just always be careful to test a small area of your skin first to make sure it doesn’t have an adverse reaction.


Okay. That’s a pretty good list. But what if you try all that stuff, and your pimple still won’t go away? Then it’s time to get a professional product.


Our Recommendation:

Acnezine is a skin care solution that works wonders for pimples. It doesn’t just treat the pimple itself, it works as a skin care system that treats the root of your problems and prevents future outbreaks from occurring.

The people at Acnezine have figured out how to cure pimples. They know how to get rid of pimples on face, and they’ve created an effective product that actually works.


So there you have it, a comprehensive list of all of the best options for getting rid of your pimples. Obviously pimples are annoying. They can ruin the perfect selfie. They can be stressful, and they’re never ideal. But don’t give up on your skin until you’ve tried the options above.

And remember: True beauty comes from the inside. So don’t let your pimples get the best of you. Stay positive, check out one of the solutions here, and have a great day!

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